The Resorts That Put the Mood in Moodus
The Catskills of Connecticut' Was a Top Vacation Hot Spot

.In its heyday, during the 1940s and 1950s, Moodus was called the "Catskills of Connecticut."  During the summer season, people visiting the dozens of Moodus-area resorts quadrupled East Haddam's population to about 20,000 people. 


The resorts, boarding houses and camps of Moodus primarily attracted people from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and other parts of Connecticut. 

Many of the resorts evolved from farms in the late 1800s and early 1900s, when farm families took in first visiting relatives and friends,  and then strangers. All were attracted to the beautiful countryside of the Moodus area.

These billboards inold Moodu Center were sponsored by numerous local resorts.

The East Haddam village of Moodus was the home of dozens of summer resorts in its heyday as "Vacationland," the largest vacation destination in Connecticut.

During its peak as a destination town, there were more than 30 resorts in Moodus. They generally specialized in one of three different groups of vacationers: Jewish, Christian and Hungarian.

The resorts of Moodus attracted people to the country in the days before better highways and then jet travel changed vacation habits in the sixties.

Banner Lodge

Something for Everyone

Bigtime entertainment at the largest resort in the state.

Orchard Mansion


This classic resort catered to Jewish families. It is now a Catholic retreat.

Knotty Pine


From cabinws to playhouses, it ruled.

Camp Wopowog

The Area's Most Rustic Place

Camping and cabins for singles and families.

Ted Hilton's


A beautiful spot on the Salmon River was only  one of this popular resort's many attractions.

Pools, Ponds and Rivers


To be a real resort you had to have a pool.

Cave Hill

A Classic Resort with a Family History

The family that started it all still welcomes guests.

Other Resorts


Dozens of camps, cabins and  larger resorts drew thousands to the Moodus countryside.

Brochures and Flyers


Brochures, flyers, newsletters and souvenirs promoted the town's resorts.

Following is a list of 33 Moodus and East Haddam resorts known to have operated through the years.

Click the below links for photos and histories of the old resorts.


-Banner Lodge (Now condos)  
-Grand View Hotel  (Now GrandView Camp)
-Holiday House
-Mountain House
-Orchard Mansion (Now My Father's House)

-Stucco Cottages
-Weiner's Hotel


-Emma Budka's
-Julia Budka's
-Rest Farm


-Anton & Frances Wolf's Boarding House (later Leiber's Mansion)
-Charles Wolf's (now Wolf's Den Campground)


-Cave Hill Camp (now Cave Hill Resort)
-Donnellan's Riveredge
-Echo Farm 
-Hill Top View (now 4-H Camp)
-Klar Crest Resort (now XXXXX)
-Ted Hilton's, (Elm Camp, Frank Davis, Sunrise Resort)


-The Auster House (Falls Rd.)
-Camp Sokol (East Haddam)

-Camp Wopowog (East Hampton)
-Samuel's (Hadlyme) 
-Shadybrook Hotel (Plains Rd.)
-Willow Manor (Rtes 149 & 151)